Watertown Hotel - A Staypineapple Hotel - Seattle, Washington, 98105, United States

How to get to Watertown Hotel in the U-District

  • light rail

You'll be here before you know it.

The sooner you get here the sooner you can start having fun in our beautiful city. So below you’ll find some simple directions that will have you on our doorstep lickety-split.

Watertown Hotel Seattle
4242 Roosevelt Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105

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Pineapple Tidbit - Getting here from the Airport

Getting Here Quickly… Reserve a taxi prior to your arrival in Seattle. A one-way fare from Sea-Tac Airport should cost around $50. It’s a quick trip through our beautiful city! (25-35 minutes, depending on traffic).

Getting Here On a Budget… Hop on a convenient Link Light Rail train from Sea-Tac Airport to the University of Washington Station (3720 Montlake Blvd NE, Seattle) . One-way fares are $3.25. Allow about 40 minutes for the train trip.

When you get off the train, hop on the #44 or #43 bus and ask the driver to drop you off at 45th and Roosevelt. From here, just walk 1 1/2 blocks south to Watertown Hotel (4242 Roosevelt Way, NE, Seattle).

Taxi Cabs & Town Cars

Taxi Companies:

All Seattle taxi cabs operate at the same rate, set by King County. $2.50 meter drop, $2.70 per mile. Extra person and waiting charges may apply. A one-way taxi from Sea-Tac airport to our hotel is roughly $50 (estimated).

For more information on rates for local taxi service:

Orange Cab...... 206-522-8800
Yellow Cab........ 206-622-6500
STITA Taxi......... 206-246-9999

Town Cars:

“We’ve got a guy.” His name is Faris, he’s pretty awesome, and he manages a top-notch fleet of drivers under Faris Town Car Service. Stop by the front desk or call us at 206-826-4242 and we’ll happily schedule a ride for you. Rates are $55 from Sea-Tac Airport to us, and $50 on the way back (the incoming price hike is due to those pesky airport fees). 

Uber: Uber is a town car company that works through an app on your smartphone. If you don’t already use it, we highly recommend you take a look!

Airport Shuttle

Shuttle Express is a 24 hour service. Shuttle Express does pick ups and drop offs 24 hours a day. Reservations are required for pick ups from the hotel. We highly suggest reservations from the airport, however, walk ups are taken. Rates are from $19.00 one way, per person.

TIP: There may be a wait with or without a reservation at the airport as they wait to ensure they have enough people on board to justify making the trip to Seattle. Sometimes this can take a while, however, sometimes there is little to no wait depending on the time of day.

You may either book online with Shuttle Express or call them at 425-981-7000.

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